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"Hi Kristin and Debbie, I attended the pre-sale event on Saturday in Broken Arrow and it definitely exceeded my expectations. I was really impressed with the high quality items and the amount of merchandise. This event didn't even compare to (other consignment events in the area), as I was highly disappointed with the old, dirty items that they were selling. Anyway, thank you for having a GREAT event in BA. I truly appreciate all of your hardwork!!!! I'll be back every year and will definitely tell my friends and family about it! "

Sincerely, Lori

"As a first time consignor, I was unsure of the process and worried that drop off would be chaotic. I was pleased when I arrived. All of the volunteers/workers were helpful, kind, organized, and efficient. They even provided a garment rack to use while gathering items from my car! These Ladies are doing a great job and I am looking forward to the next sale!"

Jessica Z.

"It was our first time to shop, everyone was so nice and we got some really nice clothes for my grandson... thinking about consigning next time! "


"My daughters Kindergarten class was in need of a Mr. Potato Head- I found TWO last night at your sale. One just so happened to be a Pirate, today is National talk like a Pirate Day. My daughter was so excited to take it to her teacher. Thank you!!"


"Amazing job all of you did.. love shopping this sale and being a consignor.. you guys are awesome!"

Misty H.

This has been the smoothest sale I have ever participated in!! I have a set of twins so just to let you know, I have sold in 21 separate sales over the last 10.5 years! Extreme "thanks" to the whole system of Rhea Lana's sales event. Signed, one very happy consignor :)

Sandy L.