In order to more effectively manage the flow of traffic during drop off we will be using Sign-Up Genius for Consignor Drop Off appointments. Please choose a time that works for you. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND consignor appointments! We will still accept consignor walk-ins but you may have to wait longer! If after making your appointment you need to change it, you can edit your entry in the Sign-Up Genius!

Click Here For Drop Off Appointments!


Our store will be easier than ever to shop! This will help shoppers buy more AND help consignors sell more! WooHoo! We're separating out clothing into these categories:

♥ Tops (includes onesies)

♥ Bottoms

♥ Outfits

♥ Boutique/ Holiday/ Dresses

♥ Light Jackets

♥ Swimwear/ Pajamas

♥ Organized Sports/ Game Day/ Uniforms


We have consignors from all over the Tulsa area so we've decided to make consigning faster and more convenient for you! You will be charged the fee below (our cost to mail them to you) and it will be taken right out of your consignor check. No need to pay upfront. Email to request this option. Thursday, January 24 is the last day to request this option!

1 Consignor Code = $3.50

2 Consignor Codes = $4.50

3 Consignor Codes = $5.50

4 Consignor Codes = $6.50 And so on...

We will also still have Early Barcode Pick-Up for those wanting to pick up labels before drop off. Monday, Feb. 28, from 3-7PM at Rhema NRC, in the lobby, 1421 W. Kenosha St. in BA! Please close out of your batch (click finish and make donations choice) by noon the same day. There is no charge for this option.


The consignor fee helps pay for things like our event space, advertising, etc... In the 7 years we have been running this event, we have not raised our consignor fee one time (even though our rent has quadrupled and we do much more advertising)!

BONUS - Our fee is still $1.00 below our competitor!

Shop Even Earlier With THE BUMP!

AGAIN THIS SALE - Shop 30 minutes earlier when you volunteer for Sort on Thursday, February 7!. Just look for "THE BUMP" on the volunteer schedule. We also refund your $11.50 consignor fee when you help sort!

**When you sign up to volunteer, look for THE BUMP to earn a shopping time 30 minutes earlier!**

Earn a $15 RL Gift Certificate and an Early Shopping Pass!

AGAIN THIS SALE - Volunteer for some highly needed shifts and you'll not only earn an early shopping pass but you'll also earn a $15 RL Gift Certificate to shop with! These highly needed shifts are Pre-Sale (Saturday, February 2) and Half Price Pre-Sale (Tuesday, February 5).

**When you sign up to volunteer, look for WORK THIS SHIFT AND RECEIVE A $15 RL GIFT CERTIFICATE!**

Night Owl Volunteer Shifts!

AGAIN THIS SALE - Volunteer for a Night Owl Shift and you'll volunteer 3.5 hours and get a 4 hour credit!

**When you sign up to volunteer, look for NIGHT OWL SHIFT!**

Manual Labor Shifts!

AGAIN THIS SALE - Volunteer for a Manual Labor Shift to help us unload and load the semi! You'll volunteer 2.5 hours and get a 4 hour credit!

**When you sign up to volunteer, look for MANUAL LABOR SHIFT!**

Continuing This Sale

Short on time but still want to make some money? VIP Consigning is for you!

We do all the work! Give us your items in totes and we will tag, price, enter, label, and deliver your items to the event. You earn 40-50% of your sales. At the end of the event, you can donate your unsold items and have your check mailed to you or pick up your unsold items and check.
Email our VIP Coordinator at for more information!

We ♥ Moms-to-Be! Please be a special guest at our event and shop early at our Private Pre-Sale!

If you are a Mom-to-Be, click above on SHOP and then MOMS-TO-BE REGISTRY to sign up for a Special Shopping Pass. As our gift to you, we will give you a pass to shop before we open to the public! Woohoo!

Military parents shop early!

As a "Thank You" to our military personnel, we now offer military parents the opportunity to shop early during our Private Pre-Sale and Private Half Price Pre-Sale! Show us your military ID at the door! See full schedule for dates, times, and other details.

We will accept Cash, Check, Visa, and Mastercard (including debit cards) at our event. We do NOT accept Discover or American Express.

We offer this service so you can make your purchases easily when you check out. We do always ask for a picture ID for your protection.

Early Bar-Code Pick-Up!

We will announce the date, time, and location of Early Bar-Code Pick-Up for each event via email. Simply pick-up your printed labels and label (sticker) your string tags in the comfort of your own home! Ensure the bar-code is all on one side... if you bend the bar-code, it will not scan. AND we will still GUARANTEE YOUR ITEMS if you bring them in numerical order! To print your own labels, you must have a COLOR printer AND you must follow the printing instructions once you FINISH a batch. Labels that are not printed correctly will have to be re-labeled in store during drop off. If you cannot make the designated Early Barcode Pick-Up, contact Kristin at (479) 366-5517 to arrange pick-up.


We are thrilled to partner with the Melissa and Doug toy manufacturer!! We will offer BRAND NEW MELISSA AND DOUG TOYS for discounted prices. You will definitely want to take advantage of this opportunity. These high quality toys make great gifts! So stock up!

Will you be featuring local businesses?

Yes! We have lots of sponsorship opportunities at affordable prices. Let us help you reach your target market - moms with families. Contact Kristin at for more information.

Rhea Lana 101

Get educated! Rhea Lana educated, that is! If you have thought about consigning before but it seems a little overwhelming, come to RHEA LANA 101 class at our Marketing Day (announced each sale). We'll give you some tips on how to prepare and price your merchandise as well as help you register to consign.

Coffee and Consign

Coffee and Consign is the perfect event to get the girls together, have fun, and get your items ready for our next event. You provide the location and we will provide the coffee and desserts! A Coffee and Consign with a minimum of three new consignors will earn you an Early Worker shopping pass to shop at our Private Pre-Sale before we open to the public! Remember that you will also earn 75% of your sales if you refer 3 new consignors and 80% if you refer 5 new consignors (must consign a minimum of 25 items). We will have fun, help everyone get registered in our online system, and begin tagging items. We really believe in our fabulous event and friends love to have fun together! Contact Kristin at for details.

Consignor Item Limit!

In order to keep our inventory high-end and of the highest quality, we are limiting consignors to 200 items per consignor code. Please carefully check your things and bring your best! It is our experience that a consignor who brings 125 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 175 items that are poor quality, out-of-date, and/or priced too high.

An entire outfit is only considered one item as long as it can be sold together. This new limit encompasses clothing, shoes, toys, books, furniture and other items.

**If you have more than 200 items in EXCELLENT condition, you may open up additional codes. Each code will be subject to the $11.50 consignor fee and 200 items may be entered for each code you open.