Consignor Deadline is August 3rd @ 11:59PM.  


JOIN US this fall for our BIG Back-to-School sale!! 😍

SHOP EARLY on Pre-Sale Weekend! Friday, Aug. 6th & Saturday, Aug. 7th

Public Shopping: Aug. 8th - 12th.

HALF PRICE shopping starts the evening of Aug. 10th

Could it be our.... BIGGEST SALE EVER?? 



Rhema Recreation Center

1367 W Kenosha St., Broken Arrow, OK

*Turn at blinking light 


Why are Rhea Lana's sales the BEST way to sell your kids' items?? SO many reasons!!

*Consignors make 60% of their sales AND receive a free pass to shop early on our Pre-Sale weekend!  Early shopping means more deals and a huge selection!  Buy everything you need for the next season ALL AT ONCE and avoid retail prices!

The average consignor made $361 at our Spring 2020 event. 
*Clear out your WHOLE closet by selling with us!   Avoid the hassle of one-by-one selling of Facebook marketplace.  We've all had people flake out on meeting times or give us the run around.  You and your familiy don't have the time for that!  :)  Turn on a show and prep your items for Rhea Lana's from the comfort of your home!
*Consignment stores are limited on floor space, so they will only take your very best items.  We can take hundreds and hundreds of your items all at once AND pay more per item!!
*Sure, donating to Goodwill is convenient.  But they are not a charity and will resell your items.  With Rhea Lana's, you get a chance to make money on your items and then we will donate them FOR you to our amazing charitable partners!  Emergency Infant Services, Tulsa Dream Center, Union Schools Clothing Closet.  (You are also welcome to pick up your unsold items in order to sell them at a future Rhea Lana's sale!)

Consignors who want to donate ALL their unsold items are eligible for our incredible Drop & Go service!! 

*"Reduce, Reuse, Rhea Lana's!" Be a part of living a more sustainable lifestyle by buying used and selling with us.  Can you believe it??  Rhea Lana's is good for the environment!!  

*What would you do with an extra $361 in your pocket?? Sign up to consign NOW!
Be a VIP!

 **Do you have very nice items, but no time to consign them yourself?? If you live in the Tulsa metro area, consider signing up for our "VIP Consignor Program"! 


Our VIP Program is a great way to experience consigning without diving all the way in.  

We will pick up, prep, consign, and deliver your items to the sale for you!  VIP consignors receive 35% and a FREE consignor pass to shop the sale early.  Sign up here! --> VIP SIGN UP



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Consignor Incentives 



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Rhea Lana's is an award-winning semi-annual children's consignment event! Hundreds of families sell thousands of gently used, HIGH-QUALITY children's clothes, shoes, toys, books, DVDs, baby equipment, gently used maternity clothes, and much much more at affordable prices. Our events are open to the public ONE WEEK only!

See what sets us apart:  

  • Consignors make a minimum of 60% (up to 70% with Referrals)
  • Items are guaranteed! If you show up on Pick-Up Day and we don't have an item that we should, we will gladly pay you just as if it had sold! (kinda like insurance!)
  • Check is ready on Pick-Up Day
  • For the first time in the consignment industry, we offer VOICE ENTRY option via Smartphone! This is a time saver and a game changer!
  • Watch sales LIVE throughout the day
  • Consignor Fee is only $11.50
  • Public Admission is Free
  • This is why Rhea Lana's now has 100+ LOCATIONS in 23 STATES!





We encourage you to bring your best items so that you sell a high percentage of your items! Work smarter not harder. It is our experience that a consignor who brings 125 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 175 items that are poor quality, out-of-date and/or over-priced.

  1. Maternity Clothing is limited to 15 hangers per consignor. The limit includes clothing only.
  2. Juniors Clothing is limited to 15 hangers per consignor. The limit includes clothing only.
  3. In order to keep our inventory high-end and of the highest quality, we are limiting consignors to 200 items per consignor code. Please carefully check your things and bring your best! It is our experience that a consignor who brings 125 great items will do better than a consignor who brings 175 items that are poor quality, out-of-date and/or priced too high. 

    An entire outfit is only considered one item as long as it can be sold together. This new limit encompasses clothing, shoes, toys, books, furniture and other items.

    **If you have more than 200 items in EXCELLENT condition, you may sign up for additional consignor codes. Each code will be subject to the $11.50 consignor fee and 200 items may be entered for each code you open.


♥ Consignor Fee is $11.50: 
The consignor fee helps pay for things like our event space, advertising, labor, etc... 

♥ Consignor DROP and GO! - To participate in this service ALL consignor's items must be DONATE and PRE-LABELED. Consignors will be able to drive up to the West side of the building (by the skating rink) and complete consignor paperwork. We will unload your car and put your items out in the store for you- You don't even have to get out of your car! Space is limited - first come first served. All items must be pre-labeled and all must be donate. (Your labels must show that your items are to be donated.) Please bring all of your items in containers that you don't want returned, such as card board boxes. Items will not be guaranteed. Arrive on time to be able to secure your spot! 





 Thank you to our 2020 Corporate Sponsors:


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We take our mission statement seriously: To serve, with love and integrity, families everywhere with inviting, excellent and valuable children's consignment events.