PRE-SALE DAY IS THE DAY WE HONOR OUR VOLUNTEERS BY ALLOWING THEM TO SHOP FIRST! Since consignors price their own items, we may have several of the exact same item or outfit at different prices. Get the best price by shopping first! Volunteers save their families the most money by getting first pick of the merchandise. See the Pre-Sale and Half Price Pre-Sale schedule below for Volunteer shopping times. PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be a consignor to be a volunteer and you do not have to work a shift BEFORE Pre-Sale. We need help throughout the entire event. You are welcome to sign up for a shift that suits your schedule best!

SUPER MOMS NIGHT OUT-PRE-SALE IS FRIDAY, FEB. 1 AT 7PM! For 1/2 Price Pre-Sale, shop Tuesday, Feb. 5 at 4PM! Enjoy plenty of elbow room and first dibs on the items. It's a great time to grab a girlfriend and make a night of it! Super Moms volunteer 3 in-store shifts.

We depend on volunteers to help make Rhea Lana's such a pleasant shopping and consigning experience! OUR VOLUNTEERS ♥ SHOPPING FIRST AND GETTING THE BEST PRICES! They also love the Rhea Lana's atmosphere of Moms Helping Moms!

Early Worker's Pre-Sale

Volunteer two shifts - Please bring pass!
Sat, Feb 2nd 9 AM to 10 PM

Worker's Pre-Sale

Volunteer one shift - Please bring pass!
Sat, Feb 2nd 11 AM to 10 PM

Consignor's Pre-Sale

Please bring pass!
Sat, Feb 2nd 1 PM to 10 PM


Half Price Pre-Sale - Most Items Half Price! Please bring pass!
Tues, Feb 5th 5 PM to 10 PM


Please bring pass!
Tues, Feb 5th 6 PM to 10 PM

Please contact Kristin if you can provide any of these below at

♥Earn 75-80% of your consignor sales!♥

When you refer 3 new consignors to Rhea Lana's, and they bring at least 25 items, you will receive 75% of your sales!! Would you like to receive 80%? Refer 5 consignors and you will earn it!! Email with your referrals.

Yard Signs -

If you live in a family saturated neighborhood or in a high-traffic area you can help us advertise for our event with a professionally printed yard sign that we provide. We also welcome business or land owners near high traffic areas to contact us about a sign. There are a limited number of signs available and when combined with other marketing methods, this can earn you a workers pass. Interested? Contact Kristin at

Car Magnets -

Busy moms drive all over town and that is a great way to spread the word about our sale! We'll need for you to have the Car Magnet on your car for at least three weeks before the event. We have a small number of these available and when combined with other marketing methods, this can earn you a workers pass. Magnets need to be returned on the last day of the sale or on Consignor Pick-Up Day for reuse! More information? Contact Kristin at or (479) 366-5517.

Postcard and Poster Distribution -

We are looking for active people who will help spread the word about Rhea Lana's in your community by distributing postcards to our target market- families with children. Possible places for postcard and poster distribution include preschools, day cares, church, dance studios, doctor/dentist offices, sports outings, etc. Contact Kristin at if you are interested in helping distribute brochures/posters in your town.

Meals for Workers -

We have simplified providing a meal for us! You simply pay a set fee and get an EARLY WORKER or WORKER pass! Email for this option! It's very easy and allows you to shop early!

Set up and break down: MEN (and women too!) -

We need dads (and moms) who will help with the set-up and breakdown of our event equipment. We will unload (and reload) racks, tables, and fixtures. Women love it when their man works because they get to shop early! Contact Kristin at (479) 366-5517 or at for more information or to sign up!

Coffee and Consign -

Coffee and Consign is the perfect event to get the girls together, have fun, and get your items ready for our next event. You provide the location and we will provide the coffee and desserts! Host a Coffee and Consign with a minimum of three new consignors and receive a worker pass! Remember that you will also earn 75% of your sales if you refer 3 new consignors and 80% if you refer 5 new consignors! We will have fun, help everyone get registered in our online system, and begin tagging items. We really believe in our great event and friends love to consign together! Contact Kristin at if you're interested!

We Love Bloggers!!

Do YOU or someone you know have a great blog? If so, we would love to talk to you. For some super great blog posts, you can earn a pass to shop early and find the best deals. Please contact Kristin at for more information.

Someone else can volunteer for you and "GIFT" their pass to you!

That's correct!!! Do you have a mother, mother in law, husband, etc. that is willing to volunteer so that YOU can shop early? We sure hope so....that person can help out and earn a pass to give to you.

Media Coverage -

If you can help us with Radio, Television or Newspaper/Magazine Coverage you will receive an Early Workers Pass. Please contact Kristin at or at (479) 366-5517 at least 3 weeks before the event, so we can work through the details. This is a very important part of our sale and you could be eligible for more than one early shopping pass!


Click the link below to sign up for an in-store shift! CLICK HERE!